How to set up a Killer SEO Strategy Using WordPress

Killer SEO Strategy tips from top SEO Kris Wilkes to help you set up and manage your business website.

This book will show you how to: 

  •  ✅ Research & plan your site
  •  ✅ Rank higher on Google
  •  ✅ Manage your staff & users
  •  ✅ Maintain full control
  •  ✅ Get more leads & sell online

Killer SEO Strategy – book contents

  • Chapter 1: Registering Domain Names & Hosting
  • Chapter 2: Selecting Themes & Plug-ins
  • Chapter 3: Security, Back-ups & Monitoring
  • Chapter 4: Site Management, Blogging & Social Media
  • Chapter 5: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Chapter 6: Community & Support Groups
  • Chapter 7: Outsourcing: Web company, dev or freelancer?
  • Chapter 8: Key WordPress Benefits for Business Owners (Sales Funnels)
  • Chapter 9: Next Steps & Action List

Killer SEO Strategy book cover

What’s inside?

This book covers everything you need to know to set up your website using WordPress and build the foundation for a great SEO strategy.

Working through the chapters, you will be guided through the process so that you can see how it applies to your business and more importantly, what questions you need to answer in order to get the results you want.

Do you want to be a website owner, manager or DIY SEO?

From initial site set up and web hosting to blog posting, it’s all inside.

Not all businesses are the same, some owners like to manage their own sites, some outsource key parts and simply monitor workflow. However you prefer it, this book will help you make those decisions.

Learn the things you need to know before you start, and how to maintain full control at all times. Business coach William De Temple from 9 Figure Company always preaches about ‘Good Corporate Governance’ you’ll learn what it means in the book.

How to set up a Killer SEO Strategy Using WordPress

The book will be available from our shop real soon