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Deptford High Street SEO mask video ranks in 43 seconds! 🔥

Deptford High Street SEO in SE8

Deptford High Street SEO in SE8 – here’s how it went down.

These terms are in our title:

Deptford High Street SEO in SE8

Here are a few of the tags used. The first 3 tags in the description are shown on the front page of the video, the others are added as tags in the tags section and pick up search terms.

#Car #GIANT #mask #SEOinSE8

Deptford High Street SEO YouTube video ranks in 43 seconds

If you’re doing keyword research, this tip may help:

How to copy Search Predictions from YouTube’s search bar

Deptford High Street today

As of 2020, there were only two pubs on Deptford High Street (The White Swan and The Jobcentre), where there used to be twelve. As of 2013, two former pubs were African restaurants, one pub had been converted into a nail salon, and another one was a youth centre.[7]

Deptford Market is held every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, centred in Deptford High Street, Douglas Way and Giffin Street. It has been considered as one of London’s liveliest street markets;[8] in February 2005, the High Street was described as “the capital’s most diverse and vibrant high street” by Yellow Pages business directory, using a unique mathematical formula.[9] In 2018, Time Out described the street:”Over a quarter of a mile, it packs in a street market, a golden-clad library, one of London’s finest baroque churches, lots of Vietnamese restaurants and more history than you can shake a stick at.”[10]

The street has two purpose-built churches: the Anglican St Paul’s, Deptford (described as one of London‘s finest Baroque parish churches in the Buildings of England series)[11] and the Catholic Church of Our Lady of The Assumption, at 131 Deptford High Street.[12] The street’s final bank was set to close in early 2021.[13]


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This post took 6 minutes to compile and combined with the YouTube video, will return some good results.

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9 Figure Company Video by Diesel Coffee Marketing

William De Temple 9 Figure Company

Diesel Coffee Marketing works with clients all over the world.

The 9 Figure Company Video job is just the beginning. We’re working on a full sales funnel and SEO strategy.

Over the last few years we’ve been working with roofing business and contractors from Indiana down to Texas and the East and West coast of America. This had led to some great referral leads.

Clients are managed via Zoom calls, messenger and email. 100% contactless business.

9 Figure Company Video – an introduction

9 Figure Company helps businesses scale to over $100 Million. Yes, you heard it right, $100 MILLION DOLLARS!

William De Temple has scaled 4 such businesses and is now poised to assist other business owners do the same from his base in West Palm Beach, Florida.

We’ll be assisting them with an SEO strategy laser targeting ideal clients in pre-defined locations.

The 9 Figure Company Video brief

Diesel Coffee Marketing were asked to build a new funnel for the site. Here’s the video, sent to us in green screen. Images and backgrounds added and audio edited to create a compelling introduction video.

Are you looking to scale your business?

Visit the 9 Figure Company site to grab your copy of the ebook he recently authored ‘6 secrets to scaling your business’

9FC are a business growth coaching service that is comprised of founders who have built multiple 9 Figure Companies and past Fortune 500 executives. They coach the “8 Primary Internal Practices that every company must have to achieve success” and the “4 Primary External Practices that every company must have to achieve massive success”.

9 Figure Company PDF


When you do what you say you will do, clients see results and love it.

Here’s part of a message from one of our clients who is so busy he’s having to hire more staff!


Visit our testimonial page for more

9 Figure Company Video – Do you need help with editing or funnel building?

We can perform a wide range of services to compliment your site and improve your sales funnel.

Contact Page


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Text message scams – 5 ways to spot and avoid

Text message scams are rife at the moment with a wave of new scammers using the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis to target new victims.

They use common tactics to scare people into clicking the link, thinking that an account has been locked or you need to take action to stop something bad happening. Being techy minded I know what to look for but It’s still easy to get caught out!

This article will explain a few things that may help to identify these dodgy messages.

5 simple steps to staying safe

  1. Text message scams and how they work
  2. The Link – look closer
  3. The sender
  4. The potential risk of the CTA
  5. What you can do

Most of us have seen texts like this at one time or another. Right?

HSBC text message scams

At first glance, it looks quite genuine. It says ‘HSBC’ (I have an HSBC account), and all I need to do is click the link to unlock my account. It can’t do that much harm can it? Unfortunately it can lead to huge issues, depending on what the scammer is trying to get from you. These things are not personal, they are sent out in bulk. Even if only a small percentage of the message work, it’s worth it for them.

Education in the only tool we really have to stop them, or at least make their tricks more well-known.

1. Text Message Scams (smishing) and how they work

This scam involves a fraudster sending text messages (also known as an SMS) at random to mobile phones. The text messages claim to come from a reputable organisation such as your bank or mobile phone company.

The message will try to trick you into clicking on a link to a bogus website or calling a phone number, usually by claiming you need to “verify” or “update” your details or “reactivate” an account. The criminal will then attempt to get you to disclose personal or financial information, which they will use for their own fraudulent purposes.

Often the messages will attempt to alarm you, claiming that you need to act urgently or face serious consequences.

How to avoid this type of scam:

Be wary of text messages that:

  • are unsolicited and supposedly come from a reputable organisation, such as a bank or credit card company
  • encourage you urgently to visit a website or call a number to verify or update your details
  • request your personal information such as username, password or bank account.


  • do not reply to the text message
  • be cautious about clicking on any links that may be embedded or calling the number in a text message

If you think you might have responded to a text message scam and provided your bank account details, contact your bank immediately. Source: FFA website – click HERE to visit.

2. The link in the message – look closer

In these images, the links appear legit. The bank one has HSBC and the Tax one has the word TAX in it. The part that is important is the TDL or Top Level Domain.

Top Level Domain Definition

The letters at the end of a website address are known as its TLD. Examples of toplevel domains include the oldest and most recognizable .com, . net and . org

To explain this, you need to know a bit about domain names.

Text message scams what is in a domain name

The part that matters is the LAST PART. Known as the ‘domain name’ or ‘main domain’.

Any website owner can create a sub-domain with any name they choose. I’ll show you how in a minute.

In these examples, these are the domains with the subdomains showing:


The subdomains are HSBC and TAX. If we remove the sub-domains, we are left with the main domain or website that created the sub-domains.


Note: URL’s or website addresses are NOT case sensitive. The capital letters used in the ‘HSBC’ example are there to make sure the user notices it quickly and then automatically assumes it to be legit, especially if the user happens to have an account with the bank or organisation being used.

Let’s have a look at the HMRC message in more detail:

HMRC text message scams

Do we still think this is from the real HMRC? Here’s how’s they do it.

Sub-domains – our working case study

We’ve created the new subdomain on our website to show how it works.

Our new subdomain is and we’re going to point it to another website. Our main domain is

From the website Cpanel, we login and create a new sub domain.

This new subdomain can have its own email accounts, full website installed with separate databases and works separately from anything on the main domain.

Creating a new sub domain using HSBC
Creating a new sub domain using HSBC re-directs to re-directs to

So, the new subdomain ‘’ we created now re-directs to

Working example: – If this is working correctly, it should redirect you to Medway SEO, this is one of our brands.

3. The sender – a random mobile?

Take a look at the number that sends the message. A random mobile number that is not in your contacts? Most organisations never notify you of problems in this way. They also publish their policies for contacting customers.

4. The potential risk of the CTA

A CTA is marketing speak for a Call To Action. This is the action we want people to take when visiting a site. On legit websites, this action will lead you to a page of information, send a message or ask you to complete a form.

On the internet a link or URL can literally lead you anywhere. These links can install software, inject viruses, malware or other internet nasties. They can gather device information, gain your personal details The list really is endless.

Summary – so what do we know?

  1. Text message scams – we know how to identify potentially dodgy messages
  2. The Link – look closer and see if it’s a real domain as normally used by the company
  3. The sender – we know how to check to see if this method of contact is typical for that company
  4. The potential risk of the CTA – We know what can happen if we click bad links
  5. What you can do – hold tight, we’re about to show you

5. What you can do to protect yourself

  • Check the link and see if its actually from the company it looks like.
  • Check any previous genuine message you may have had from them and compare them.
  • Login to your genuine account and see if everything is working fine, or call them. They will be able to verify your account status instantly.
  • Check the sender number – do you recognise it? If not, try googling it.

As with most things, the best way to stay safe is to be vigilant and stay up-to-date with your most used accounts.

If you found this article informative in any way, please consider sharing for the benefit of others. 



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Diesel Coffee Child Theme for Divi – why you need one

Diesel Coffee Child Theme images

Diesel Coffee Child Theme is a ‘child theme’ created in order to preserve any changes you make to your main theme.

WTF is a child theme? (Trigger warning – geeky bit!)

On the most basic level, a child theme must consist of three things:

  1. A child theme directory (or folder). Like all themes, your child theme folder will exist inside your WordPress Themes folder that holds your child theme files.
  2. A style.css file (which will be used to store your child theme CSS)
  3. A functions.php file – At the basic level this file will hold the wp_enqueue_scripts action that will enqueue the parent theme stylesheet

In most cases, the edits you make are saved in a customiser settings file, but all too often (yes, we’ve done it!) you end up making changes to the main theme files without thinking about it. The main theme dev then releases a new update and boom, you’ve lost all your edits. I’ve lost many a day replacing designs this way. It’s no fun!

Don’t avoid updating your main theme!

Some people edit the main theme files and avoid the inevitable updates by skipping the main updates. This mean you end up with out of date files. This can be dangerous as there are usually security updates packaged in the main theme. If you miss these updates, you can leave your site open to hackers and bots.
Most hacked sites gain access through out of date theme files. It’s generally considered bad practice to avoid updates.
If you are concerned about performing updates, you may want to consider a staging area where you can update the themes and test that everything works before updating your live site.

Diesel Coffee Child Theme – here’s how to create yours

Here’s the tool we use to create a child theme:

Why You Need a Diesel Coffee Child Theme or Divi Child Theme

One important reason to create a child theme is to preserve the modifications you make when updating the parent theme. Whenever you update Divi, all of the theme files are updated so if you have made any changes to these files, those changes will be erased

Diesel Coffee Child Theme images

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Adding Projects with images and text using Divi Builder

How to add projects with images and text using Divi Builder to show on front page project slider.

Tutorial made for One Oak Exteriors in Weatherford TX, USA.

  1. Login as admin, click the + to add new project
  2. Add the title (this is for the page slug/url
  3. Select Divi Builder
  4. Remove the green row that is already on the page
  5. Insert a new row and select the column type (we’re using single column)
  6. Scroll down the module list and choose ‘gallery’
  7. Add your image to the gallery (upload or select from media gallery if already uploaded)
  8. Select the overlay colours and icon (this shows when you hover over the image)
  9. Add a new text module and drag it above the gallery module
  10. Set the featured image (this shows on the front page)
  11. Update/publish the project

Home Page with project slider:

Main project page:

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How to create a Facebook Page Header Video

How to add a 1080p video header to your Facebook Page

Facebook Pages allows you to upload video as well as images for your Facebook Pages header.

Here’s how to add a short video to play to your Facebook Page audience as they land on your page

This video is just 21 seconds long. You can go up to 2 minutes but it’s best to keep it short and sweet. Here’s how it look on a real page:

Create and edit your video in iMovie.

Once you’re done editing, click the export icon in the top right of iMovie and you’ll see a number of options.

We usually perform a standard video export and then upload to You Tube, Vimeo etc. This time you’ll notice a new icon. Version 10.1.14 has an export feature that optimises video for specifically for Facebook. It’s called ‘Prepare for Facebook’

This is how we created the header video for the page Love 4 Animals.

Visit the Love 4 Animals page to see how it works and if you feel that you got any value from this post, give it a like or share!

Feel free to contact us if you’d like help with your own page

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How to add your own Facebook page to the ‘About Me’ section

How to add your own Facebook page to the 'About Me' section

A common problem when trying to setup your ‘place of employment’ on your Facebook profile is that the specific page you wan’t isn’t in the drop-down list.

It asks you to ‘start typing’ and then select the page, but for some unknown reason the page you want doesn’t show in the list.

Here’s how to add your own page:

Step 1
First copy your own business Facebook Page ID number – Facebook Page > About > Page Info > and scroll down the bottom of the page. Select ‘copy’.

Step 2
Go to your personal Facebook Profile
About > Work and Education > Add a Workplace >
Select ‘Add a workplace’ (or ‘Edit’ if you already have one selected)
select ‘ONLY ME’, then click save.

Step 3
Click EDIT and make sure your cursor is in the ‘Company’ text box

Step 4
Right click and select “Inspect Element” and you’ll see a screen showing lines of code.

Find the line of code that says “name=”employer_id” value=”123456789″ (this number changes depending on the FB Page you selected).

‘Paste’ the Page ID number from your own Facebook Page (inside the double quotes) and click SAVE CHANGES.

You should now have a link directly to your own Facebook Page on your ‘Work and Education’.

Change the privacy setting from ‘Only Me’ to ‘Friends’ or ‘Public’ and you’re done

How to add your own Facebook page to the 'About Me' section

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Create a link in any currency with the exact amount

Create a link in any currency

Create a link in any currency using the exact amount. 

If you work with international clients, you may want to send them your link in their own currency. We had trouble finding a decent tutorial on Google so decided to write this article to help others looking for the same term. Ordinarily you would send your link with your account name and your client would add the amount. The problem with this is that it will default to your home currency when they add the amount. This could end up with overcharging or undercharging your customers and upsetting them and nobody wants to do that.

Adding specific amounts

Most people know that you can request a specific amount by adding the amount after your account name like this: PayPal.Me/YOUR_LINK/100 but did you know you can also add currency?

Create a link any currency like this:

We actually found this by trial and error and then after researching for this article, we discovered that is a link on the Paypal site, if you search with exactly the right term.

Here’s the correct link in the ‘Paypal Help Centre’: You can request a specific currency by adding the currency code to the amount at the end of the link. So to ask for US Dollars, for example, you would use PayPal.Me/YOUR_LINK/100USD

This image shows you how it works, change the YOUR_ACCOUNT part to your own account name, add a slash followed by the amount you wish to request and then add the currency code at the end. Use the drop-down menu to find the currency code you want to use:

Create a link any currency
Create a link any currency with an exact amount

Note: this works with MOST currencies but not all, so make sure you check the link first before sending the, to your clients. You can see if it works quite easily, so don ‘t jump in without testing first!

If you found this article useful, please consider sharing.


Before you go…

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Diesel SEO Case Study

The SEO performed is permanent, white hat and each element supports the others, meaning your SEO improves over time.

This system can be used as part of an existing site or as a stand-alone independent entity. External sales funnel elements can easily be integrated.

Diesel SEO Case Study

Diesel SEO is a landing page generator plugin that creates GEO targeted pages. See this page for plugin details:

Diesel SEO Plugin

Create a landing page, optimise it, then duplicate the page adding geo tags and bespoke content for each page.

This process can be taught to owners or blocks of pages created using supplied lists of places.

This presentation aims to clarify how the system works

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How to screw your competition in business

Do you really want to know how to screw your competition in business?

I usually write tutorials or informative posts where possible as I believe that you should always try to provide informative and relevant content to your audience as opposed to just selling your product or services. You want to come across as the nice guy right?

Today I want to take a slightly different angle. I’m going to show you how to really hurt your competitors. Hit them hard and show them who’s boss. Rise above and prosper at their expense.

I see a lot of people in business trying really hard to succeed. There are usually two main reasons for this – firstly, the desire to make money and secondly, the personal need to succeed. Many people believe they have good business acumen. They do all the right things in terms of sales, marketing, pricing, opening times, range selling etc etc. all geared towards having ‘the edge’ over the competition. They study the opposition, they read all their leaflets and marketing material. They talk about them with associates, have meetings to discuss what to do about them and how to win business from them. Whilst it’s essential that you know what they are doing, some people tend to judge their own businesses on the activities of their rivals. This can be counter-productive and even destructive in some cases where price wars, bad blood and reputations become the primary focus of your activities.


If you want to really screw your competition, forget them.

Let them get on with their business. Concentrate and focus on your own business activities and let them spend their time worrying about what you are doing, while you steam ahead towards your goals. Keep an eye on their activities by all means, just don’t get too obsessed with it. They will continue to do what they do whether you are watching them or not. Change your focus to one of gaining ideas from them, taking the elements of their activities that you like and learning from them. That’s the most important part. Don’t get bogged down worrying that they may be doing better things than you – think how you may be able to apply them to your own business and have a go at it. Give the ideas some consideration but see them as positive ideas that you can use, as opposed to tactics to hurt your business.

It’s about attitude really. You can choose to spend your time obsessing over the competition and reducing the effort you put in to your own business or you can embrace the competition, sell against their negative points (without bad-mouthing them as that just reflects badly on you and is unprofessional) and use them as a benchmark. If you think they are doing things well, learn form them and apply the good parts. The things you consider that are bad, make sure you are not doing those things. If you are new to your industry, you can learn how the established businesses work and see how to vary the business model to offer a better product or service yourself.

The ‘competition’ are not there to take you down, they are not there to constantly remind you that you’re not as good as them. They are simply doing the same as you – trying to earn a living. They probably have more in common with you than you think and could even have be a benefit to your business if you’d only consider it. Sometimes you can work together really well with ‘the competition’ in terms of offering services that you receive enquiries for but can’t provide the services that the customers is asking for. If you work WITH your competitors, you could sub the work out to them and retain your customer as your own. This is better than having your customer walk away from you to find the services they require elsewhere – never to return to you. This doesn’t work in all cases, but it can in most and with the right attitude, can be a huge benefit to any business. I sometime receive enquiries for coding work that is outside of my core offering, so I simply take the work, manage the project and pass it to another design company with the relevant skills, retaining the customer as my own but expanding the services I offer. Win Win Win.

One of the most effective business strategies you can implement is to always admire your successful competitors. Never dismiss them out of hand. Study them. Learn from them. Respect what they are doing well, and look for ways to improve upon their best features.

Quote source: Brian Tracy

Do your research, but don’t obsess. Your time is better spent being active in your own business arena. Implement your plans and have the confidence to believe in them. If they are not working, change them. USE your competition to compliment your own business and always be respectful when talking about them with your potential customers. Slagging off your rivals is the worst thing you can do – no matter how much you may dislike them. Rise above it, be nice and your clients will respect your diplomacy. When I was in B2B sales in the UK, I noticed that my customers would always make a point of telling me all the negative things that the other sales people used to say about me and my company in an attempt to sway my customers their way. I would just laugh it off with my customer and continue with my pitch regardless and unperturbed. I made the other sales guys look bad by simply not biting and having the attitude of ‘let them get on with it, I’m not lowering myself’. This was instrumental in my success and it was very satisfying to watch the other salesmen hanging themselves with their own rope!

Lead your competitors, don’t follow them and remember: Action speaks louder than words.

Now, go and really screw your competition.