Diesel Coffee Marketing

Diesel Coffee Marketing is a customer focussed marketing agency created to enable site owners to setup, manage and have full control of their websites. We charge a one off fee to consult with you about your site and marketing goals and then implement a solid plan to get you where you need to be.

100% Contactless business – no problem

Most communication with clients is via email, messenger and VOIP calls, so you don’t even need to worry about meetings.

We’re a globally operating agency that our clients trust implicitly.

We have a number of clients we have never even met face to face and that proves the way we work works.

Diesel Coffee Marketing Core Services

We provide site setup, hosting and email setup services and SEO blog training to allow you to rank

  • No monthly fees
  • Full Control for site owners
  • Admin Logins Provided
  • SEO Training
  • SEO Site Audits in plain English via video

We’ll take care of everything and your business will have an online presence ready to go in a matter of days with the ability for visitors to contact you. 

  • Bespoke consultation
  • Hosting account setup
  • Site installed and configured
  • Essential plugins added and updated
  • Email accounts or mail forwards setup

Page optimisation, blog plan, Google My Business, maps, Social media posting policies and keyword strategies all form part of your SEO strategy. 

We’ll see where you are on Google and help you begin the journey to get where you need to be. All our systems are white hat and Google approved.

  • SEO Strategies
  • SEO Landing Page Plugin
  • Monthly SEO Services

Learn how to implement your SEO Strategy 

We provide and teach permanent long term SEO that Google respects (white hat) using ‘Long Tail Keywords‘ that attract real human searches for your products and services.

  • Site management
  • List building
  • Sales funnels
  • Social network Management 

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