Site Setup Service

Our clients aren’t generally interested in how many gigs of space they have or what the monthly bandwidth is – they’d rather leave that to us to worry about. Of course, the technical information is there if you want it, but for those that don’t, we won’t bore you or confuse you with it.

We’ll just deal with it and get your site working without any hassle to you.

Our prices include all the little extras that some other web companies charge for. Most of these features come with the server so we’re happy to pass that benefit on to our customers. ‘CPanel’ features are listed in the image at the bottom of this page.

SSD Web Hosting

With our own web server, we are able to offer a 99% uptime guaranteed secure servers on which to host your website. As standard we give clients 1gb of webspace and 1gb per month bandwidth. Most of our customers find this to be plenty but don’t worry – if you use more, we can increase it in line with your traffic requirements.

All hosting packages come with their own control panel that allows you to manage all areas of your web server. Anything you’re not sure of, we’ll help. Have as much control as you want or leave it all to us.

We can advise how to procure your own hosting and manage your site, if required.

Full Control of your web properties

Not only do you receive all admin logins for your site, you’ll get all the support and experience you’d expect to help you build your site and manage it the way you want to.

Tutorials, help installing plug-ins and editing pages will all help you become your own website boss. We’re only a message or email away and once you’re on board we guarantee to over-deliver on your expectations.

Site Customisation

Clients use the WordPress CMS & blogging platform to publish their sites. You choose from 1000’s of themes and we’ll help customise them to your needs by creating a new child theme that’s bespoke to your business. There are also lots of premium theme available that can also be used for your site.


Hosting Control Panel Example


Cpanel Hosting Control Panel