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Create a link in any currency with the exact amount

Create a link in any currency

Create a link in any currency using the exact amount. 

If you work with international clients, you may want to send them your link in their own currency. We had trouble finding a decent tutorial on Google so decided to write this article to help others looking for the same term. Ordinarily you would send your link with your account name and your client would add the amount. The problem with this is that it will default to your home currency when they add the amount. This could end up with overcharging or undercharging your customers and upsetting them and nobody wants to do that.

Adding specific amounts

Most people know that you can request a specific amount by adding the amount after your account name like this: PayPal.Me/YOUR_LINK/100 but did you know you can also add currency?

Create a link any currency like this:

We actually found this by trial and error and then after researching for this article, we discovered that is a link on the Paypal site, if you search with exactly the right term.

Here’s the correct link in the ‘Paypal Help Centre’: You can request a specific currency by adding the currency code to the amount at the end of the link. So to ask for US Dollars, for example, you would use PayPal.Me/YOUR_LINK/100USD

This image shows you how it works, change the YOUR_ACCOUNT part to your own account name, add a slash followed by the amount you wish to request and then add the currency code at the end. Use the drop-down menu to find the currency code you want to use:

Create a link any currency
Create a link any currency with an exact amount

Note: this works with MOST currencies but not all, so make sure you check the link first before sending the, to your clients. You can see if it works quite easily, so don ‘t jump in without testing first!

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